The Story:

Depending on who you talk to, a different story emerges about how I met Megan.  It was at a New Years Eve birthday party for a mutual friend, Megan Flora.  Megan, visiting Roanoke for the holidays, came to the party to see her best friend.  I showed up and instantly gravitated towards this new stranger that I had not previously met.  December 31, 2002 was the first day we met.  Now, depending on who's story you listen to, one of us made the first move.  According to her, I grunted a minimal hello, and the rest was thanks to her.  I beg to differ... however we somehow saw something in each other that evening.  We traded contact information.

For the next year and a half, throughout high school, we created a deep long distance friendship.  She joined me in my Junior year Prom.  We went back and forth visiting each other, and we solidified a great love.

Megan moved to Roanoke to begin college, and while I moved to nearby Blacksburg, the distance was much better.  Although college is not easy for any relationship, we found solace in each other's company.  The love grew deeper, and the inevitable happened...

On May 19th 2008, during a vacation in Myrtle Beach, I proposed to Megan out on the sand, late at night, under a full moon.  The rest is, and will be history.


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